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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that we instructors receive which are commonly asked by students each semester. Below is a list of those questions and their answers. It is a good idea to review these questions and answers before beginning your online course.

General Questions

Q: What should I do if I see a Security Warning pop-up?

A: This course uses online content provided by the MSJC Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department Web server which does not have a security certificate and therefore does not use HTTPS for secure communications. Viewing this content is required for completion of this course and will not do any harm to your computer. If you are using the Microsoft Web Browser Internet Explorer version 8, when you click on certain menu items or links in this course you may see this Security Warning dialog box pop up:

Picture of the Internet Explorer Security Warning Dialog box.

Click on the Picture of the "No" button in the Security Warning dialog box. button in order to view the Web content properly.

Q: Where do I find my class section number?

A: In order to uniquely identify the class you are enrolled in from all the others MSJC offers, is by its section number. You'll find your section number on the class Syllabus right under the course number and title, along with the class begin and end date, meeting times, if any, and it's location (fully online or in a classroom).

Image of the top of the Syllabus page with the section number and location highlighted.
Example online class Syllabus displaying the unique section number and meeting format information.
Example face-to-face class Syllabus displaying the meeting days, times, and location information.

Q: What is the best way to contact my instructor?

A: For online courses the best way to contact and communicate with your online instructor is via email. For information regarding the proper formatting of your emails and your instructor's email address please review the CIS department's email policy.

Q: How do I take a quiz more than one time?

A: You can take a quiz as many times as you’d like. Only your highest score will be counted. When you take the quiz again you will see a screen that tells you that you have already completed the quiz. Look on that screen for a blue link that reads Take the test again and click on the that link to begin your re-take of the quiz.