Mt. San Jacinto College Computer Information Systems
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MSJC's Computer Information Systems (CIS) department offers three State of California certificate programs:

  1. Internet Authoring
  2. Networking
  3. Programming

Completing any one of the three programs listed above, along with the completion of MSJC's General Education (track A) requirements, will earn you an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems.

Click on one of the three program titles above to view which courses you will need to enroll in to complete the program and for additional program details.

For information on the current General Education course requirements please refer to the current MSJC course catalog.

Career Pathways

Each of the three A.S. degree programs are organized into Career Pathways, Click on one of the Career Pathway links below to learn which courses to enroll in and for additional Career Pathway details.

General Track Pathway



Internet Authoring Pathways



Networking Pathway

Cisco CCNA

Cisco Cybersecurity

Programming Pathways


C++, JAVA, Python

“Great coders
are today's
rock stars!”
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