CSIS 111B: Assignments


Final Exam Requirements and Instructions

  1. Create a new C# Console Solution/Project named Final.
  2. Write a program which uses two custom methods:
    1. Custom method 1 should take user input and save it to a text file.
    2. Custom method 2 should open the text file containing the user's input data and display it to the screen.
    3. Your program should not crash if the user is not allowed to save files in the directory.
    4. Your program should not crash if it is not able to open the user file.
    5. Be sure to run your program to verify that it executes without error(s). If there are errors, you better fix them if you want full credit for the assignment.
  3. Save changes to the Program.cs file in Visual Studio.
  4. Use a Web browser to open the CSIS 111B course shell in Canvas.
  5. Click on the Assignments link from the Canvas menu to the left of the Home page.
  6. Click on the title for the assignment you are submitting
  7. Click on the Submit Assignment button.
  8. Use hilite.me to convert your copied Visual Studio source code into HTML.
    1. Copy your source code from Visual Studio and paste it into the Source code window on hilite.me.
    2. Select C# from the Language drop-down list.
    3. Check the Line Numbers check box.
    4. Click the Hilite! button.
    5. Copy the HTML code from the hilite.me HTML window.
  9. IMPORTANT! Click the HTML Editor link in the upper right of this assignment submission page.
  10. Paste the copied HTML code into the text submission box.
  11. Click Submit to complete the process.
  12. Check you submission by clicking the Submission Details link that appears in the Submission Completed box in the upper-right of this screen.

Final Exam Solution Code

Final Solution Code

How To Post Your Source Code In Canvas

Watch this video to learn how to correctly copy and paster your source code into Canvas.

That's it you have completed the assignment submission process.