Data Type


In computer programming, a string data type is a data type which contains an array of char (character) data types.

Using Strings In JavaScript

Watch this video to learn about strings and string manipulation.

String Properties

The string type in C# has two properties:

Gets the Char object at a specified position in the current String object.
The number of characters in the current string.

String Methods

The string type in C# has numerous methods: Clone, Compare, CompareOrdinal, CompareTo, Concat, Contains, Copy, CopyTo, Create, EndsWith, EnumerateRunes, Equals, Format, GetEnumerator, GetHashCode, GetTypeCode, IndexOf, IdexOfAny, Insert, Intern, IsInterned, IsNormalized, IsNull Or Empty, IsNullOrWhiteSpace, Join, LastIndexOf, LastIndexOfAny, Normalize, PadLeft, PadRight, Remove, Replace, Split, StartsWith, Substring, ThCharArray, ToLower, ToLowerInvariant, ToString, ToUpper, ToUpperInvariant, Trim, TrimEnd, and TrimStart (as of .NET Framework 4.8).