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by Judy Tsuei on December 8, 2021

This article provides an overview of how Google Workspace works with Google Domains, including how to sign up and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Evolution of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the latest version of G Suite. It’s a platform that includes all of the apps you probably are already familar with — Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more.

But if you’re curious to learn how Google Workspace came to be, here’s its evolution in a nutshell:

  • 2006: Google first launches “Google Apps for your Domain,” which included Gmail and Google Calendar among other early apps
  • 2016: Google rebrands the platform to G Suite and introduces a more comprehensive line of tools that includes Google Meet, Google Drive, and Hangouts. It’s a big step towards making remote collaboration accessible for distributed teams.
  • 2020: G Suite becomes Google Workspace in order to better align with the needs of the rapidly-changing workspace.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud-based tools designed to make productivity and collaboration easier for individuals and organizations. It includes the following apps and services:

  • Gmail — email
  • Google Sheets — spreadsheets
  • Google Docs — online word processor
  • Google Chat — messaging platform
  • Google Forms — online surveys
  • Google Currents — virtual bulletin board for teams communication
  • Google Calendar — virtual calendar
  • Google Keep — note-taking
  • Google Drive — cloud storage
  • Google Sites — website builder
  • Google Meet — video conferencing software
  • Google Slides — presentations

One of our favorite things about Google Workspace is that it’s extremely accessible. While it was first introduced to organizations (large and small businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions), it’s recently become available for personal use. What’s more, users can now access Google Workspace on mobile and desktop. All you need is an internet connection.

3 Ways That Google Workspace is Better Than G Suite

With the arrival of Google Workspace, one of Google’s aims was to provide a tailored user experience for all team members — with enhanced security and customer support. The goal was to really bring in all of the necessary tools for productivity and collaboration under one roof, to go from disjointed to unified, thereby streamlining work for their users. Here are three of the major improvements that make Google Workspace a stronger platform than its predecessor, G Suite.

  1. A unified workplace for all - Google Workspace functions as an all-in-one solution for individuals and teams who want to create, collaborate, plan, and execute. And as anyone will tell you, nearly every high-level goal involves many moving parts — a challenge exacerbated by the advent of remote and distributed work. Google Workspace makes it easier for people to manage their work by centralizing all of their favorite tools, from Google Docs for creating written content to Google Calendar for managing schedules. Guest access also makes it easier for users to communicate with external partners and clients — a huge plus for building and maintaining strong relations.
  2. Redesigned brand identity - Okay, we’ll admit that this improvement doesn’t make the Google Workspace more functional, per say. But we thought we’d include it anyway to demonstrate the thoughtfulness that went into Google’s re-brand. To showcase the value of unity and emphasize collaboration, Google redesigned their logo with four new colors.
  3. Adaptability for a wide range of business needs - Google Workspace is for everyone because of its customized solutions to companies tailored to their needs. Each business is different and has different requirements, so with Google Workspace they can customize their dashboard to reflect their unique preferences and work styles. However, larger corporations usually turn to comparable services, like Microsoft Teams.

Along with advanced security measures, the company added the following benefits to Google Workspace:

  • Customer support -Unlike Google’s free consumer apps, Google Workspace comes with 24/7 customer support via phone and email. There are three Support offerings available: Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. Most plans automatically come with Standard Support, but depending on your plan, you may be able to upgrade to Enhanced or Premium for an additional fee. Enhanced Support includes accelerated response times (faster help), advanced product knowledge, and third-party tech support. Premium Support includes 15-minute responses (for P1 cases), designated tech advisors, and quarterly operational reviews.
  • Google cloud storage - Google Workspace is a cloud-based SaaS product. Translation: You don't have to purchase, download, and install the software. All you need are your login credentials and a Workspace-supported browser. At the time of this article, Google Workspace works best on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Ad-free Gmail - The Gmail inbox is normally filled with both emails and ads. However, Gmail in Workspace is ad free.
  • Extra storage with Google Drive - Google Drive in Google Workspace offers extra storage to its users. You can also buy more space. Easy to mention using '@' - Communication has gotten even better because users can easily mention anyone by typing his name after the '@' symbol. The person mentioned gets notified via email immediately.
  • Use Google Meet without a plugin - Users are allowed to attend live meetings using the Google Meet app without having to install any plugin. Additionally, Meet is now available on many devices.
  • Simpler preview options - This feature is a great time-saving tool. You can quickly preview links in Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a small window after hovering over them without having to open them in a new tab. Easy to create and collaborate on documents You can easily collaborate with your team on Chat and work together on one project. Knowing all these amazing features that Google Workspace offers, you might want to know whether it’s free to use. And if not, what are the pricing plans? Let’s dive in.

Why Pay for Google Workspace?

You don’t need to be a Google Workspace user to enjoy Google’s core apps. Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, and more. They’re all free, and all available without ever having to join the Google Workspace platform.

So, why join Workspace? Workspace offers more functionality and a more integrated experience. Especially if you’re working on a team, Google Workspace offers a better experience in terms of collaboration and work management.

In line with their rep as an accessible tech brand, in June of 2021, Google announced that Google Workspace would become available for everyone — not just businesses. But like any free version, it comes with its limitations.

If you’re an individual or team who needs a custom email (not ending with, more cloud storage, video conferences with many participants, and in general, more features that streamline your work, Google offers paid versions of Google Workspace.

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