Internet Authoring (Apprentice)

This employment concentration is a viable program of study for anyone interested in a career in Web application development including beginners and working professionals who are looking to improve their standing in the workplace by 1) gaining a better understanding of information technologies or 2) by the acquisition of specific job skills.

Total Units: 9
Type: ec

Career Opportunities

Web Developer, Internet Developer, Web Designer, Web Publisher, Web Technologies, Application Developer, Software Application Developer

Level 1: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 103 Introduction to the Internet, 3 units

CSIS 111B Fundamentals of Computer Programming, 3 units

Level 2: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 115A Web Development - Level 1, 3 units

Level 3: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 525 Web Development - Level 2, 3 units