This certificate is a viable program of study for working professionals who are looking to improve their standing in the workplace by 1) gaining a better understanding of information technologies or 2) by the acquisition of specific job skills. In addition, this program will prepare the student to pass the Cisco CCNA exam.

Total Units: 18
Type: state

Career Opportunities

Networking is one of the fasted growing fields in the state. The AS degree in networking will prepare a student to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate and for a career in computer networking.

Level 1: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 101 Introduction to Computers and Data Processing, 3 units

Level 2: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 201 System Analysis and Design, 3 units

Level 3: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 202 Networks and Data Communications, 3 units

Level 4: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 791 CCNA 2 Routing and Switching Essentials, 1 units

Level 5: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 592 CCNA 3 Scaling Networks, 3 units

Level 6: Choose 3 Units

CSIS 593 CCNA 4 Connecting Networks, 3 units