Internet Authoring Program

Interactive Layer

About The Interactive Layer

Interactive projection display.

The Interactive layer consists of technologies that allow users to interact with the presentation you have created, whether it be a Web page, a mobile application, or a JAVA applet. The Interactive layer technologies make your content more engaging by allowing your users to interact with the data on the screen and give it the intelligence to take action based on users choices.

Course Information

In order to complete the requirements for the Interactive layer you must enroll in and complete one of the following courses:

What You'll Be Learning

The Interactive layer subjects include: adding event listeners, creating event handlers, writing conditional logic, and controlling program flow.


  • JavaScript and JavaScript libraries like JQuery


  • How to use the HTML document object model (DOM)
  • How to select and manipulate HTML elements with client-side code
  • How to use the JavaScript Date object
  • How to add an event listener to an object
  • How to handle events when triggered
  • How to create interactive environments
  • How to process form data
  • Best practices for using events


Industry Certifications

Microsoft Certified Professional icon.

One of the primary goals of the Internet Authoring program is to help scholars gain the knowledge and know-how to get a good paying job in the field of Information Technology. Earning an industry certification will improve your chances of being viewed as a serious candidate for an IT position in a company whose looking for knowledgeable and motivated individuals to join their team. Along with the Presentation layer knowledge and know-how, the knowledge and know-how you gain from the Foundation layer will help you to pass several of the exams that will earn you one of Microsoft's MTA certifications, including exam 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals and exam 98-363 Web Development Fundamentals.

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