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Courses: Internet Authoring


About The Database Layer

Database tables structure diagram.

The Database layer consists of technologies that give your Web and mobile applications the ability to store and retrieve data. Databases organize data into tables and create relationships between the data in those tables so that a Web or mobile application can look-up and analyze data in very dynamic and powerful ways.

Course Information

In order to complete the requirements for the Interactive layer you must enroll in and complete one of the following courses:

  • CSIS 114A SQL Programming Level 1
  • CSIS 115B XML Design

What You'll Be Learning

The Database layer subjects include: Connecting applications to a remote database, filtering database records, searching database records, creating, modifying, and deleting database records.

  • SQL
  • XML
  • How to process Web-forms
  • How to use session variables
  • How to use application variables
  • How to write code dynamically
  • How to use Microsoft's Visual Studio to write and debug code

Industry Certifications

Microsoft Certified Professional icon.

One of the primary goals of the Internet Authoring program is to help scholars gain the knowledge and know-how to get a good paying job in the field of Information Technology. Earning an industry certification will improve your chances of being viewed as a serious candidate for an IT position in a company whose looking for knowledgeable and motivated individuals to join their team. Along with the Presentation layer knowledge and know-how, the knowledge and know-how you gain from the Foundation layer will help you to pass several of the exams that will earn you one of Microsoft's MTA certifications, including exam 98-361 Software Development Fundamentals and exam 98-363 Web Development Fundamentals.

Click on the links below to learn more about IT certifications available from Microsoft.