CSIS 525 Web Development Level 2

Data Files

Download Data Files Link

In order to complete the tutorials and the review assignments you'll be publishing for grading, you will need to download and extract the data files using the link below. After you have downloaded the data files read the step-by-step instructions below for extracting your data files.

Extracting Files

After you have downloaded your data files using the link above you will need to unzip them into a folder on your computer (they cannot be used while still in a zip folder). I recommend you create a new folder inside of your Documents folder and name it Websites. Then unzip your files into the Websites folder. At the end of the unzip process you should have a new folder named CSIS525 inside of your Websites folder which has all of the tutorial and RA folders you will need to complete this class.

MAC Users:

If you will be using Dreamweaver as your code editor in this class you can view this short Dreamweaver Publishing tutorial to set up a new site in Dreamweaver which will be configured to work with your local files and the Student Web server.

If you will be using another coding program and you may just need the FTP Server Settings for publishing your assignments.

If you want to us your MAC's built-in FTP client view the Using FTP on a MAC tutorial.

Note: The Apple FTP client may no longer work for publisihng files to the student web server. If that is the case view the FileZilla instrucitons and use it for publishing your completed reveiew assignments tot he student web server.

PC Users:

This video demonstration uses the CSIS115A folder as an example. The process is the same for this class, the only thing that changes is the name of the folder, CSIS525.

Once you have extracted the downloaded zip file for this class, open the CSIS525 folder as a Web site in Visual Studio. Use the Visual Studio Publishing instructions to setup Visual Studio on your computer for publishing files/folders to the ia.msjc.edu student web server.

What If I Am Not Using Visual Studio for This Class?

That is fine you should not have any trouble completing the assignments as long as you are proficient using your selected IDE (HTML editor). Read the FTP tutorial to help you configure your IDE to publish your assignment files to the Student Web server.