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CSIS 594 Cyber Operations

Course Description

This course provides students with basic principles, foundation knowledge and core skills to obtain an associate level career in Cyber Security analysis. In addition the course will prepare students to pass the Cisco Cyber Ops exams.

By successfully completing this course you will earn 3 units of college credit.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

  • Evaluate network security devices
  • Assess the difference access control models.
  • Rate the effectiveness of various ciphers.
  • Appraise the different Antimalware and Antivirus software tools.
  • Differentiate between the various security attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Create a basic Threat Analysis plan.
  • Develop an understanding of Intrusion Analysis.
  • Diagram an Incident Response Team.
  • Differentiate between the different Intrusion Event Categories.
Table of Contents

 Course Learning Outcomes

Table of Contents