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CSIS 580 Computer Hardware - Level 1

Course Description

This course introduces the basics of computing hardware technologies and the tear-down and assembly of a computer system. The features and functions of all major computing system hardware components are covered along with techniques for their installation and configuration. Operating system fundamentals are studied, especially in relation to hardware configuration and troubleshooting.

By successfully completing this course you will earn 4 units of college credit.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

  • Diagram the basic functions of a computing system.
  • Prepare a Plan for the set up and maintenance of computer hardware.
  • Validate systems concepts in the investigation, evaluation, and resolution of hardware problems.
  • Evaluate and assess computing and networking hardware and software problems using troubleshooting strategies and techniques.
  • Evaluate and assess workplace factors and use the appropriate safety and environmental procedures when working with hardware components.
  • Evaluate and recommend computing hardware products and services.
  • Demonstrate working effectively as a member of a team to accomplish common goals.
  • Analyze technical information, as well as listen effectively to, communicate orally with, and prepare memos, reports and documentation for a wide range of audiences.
  • Investigate and assess new sources of information and learning opportunities to stay abreast of emerging information and computing technologies.
  • Prepare a list of career paths related to the program of study, as well as any qualifications and/or professional certifications that may be associated with those careers.
Table of Contents

 Course Learning Outcomes

  • Install a second hard-drive on a workstation
  • Set up dual monitors on a workstation.
  • Configure remote assistance on a workstation and demonstrate a remote connection
  • Identify and document motherboard, primary storage, and memory specifications.
Table of Contents