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CSIS 525 Web Development - Level 2

Course Description

This is an extensive course on the advanced technologies used in Web Development including client-side behaviors and Web-based tools like YUI and JQuery. Students will learn about Dynamic HTML (DHTML)- client-side scripting- the Document Object Model (DOM)- Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)- and the Web-based tools available for developing professional Web pages including technologies used for: form validation- adding Flash-embedded objects- adding Web widgets- and much more.

By successfully completing this course you will earn 3 units of college credit.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

  • Design and create algorithms for solving simple problems.
  • Compare and contrast the primitive datatypes of the JavaScript programming language; describe how each is stored in memory; and identify the criteria for selection.
  • Apply the program development process to problems that are solved using fundamental JavaScript programming constructs and predefined data structures.
  • Derive program correctness through the development of sound test plans and the implementation of comprehensive test cases.
  • Analyze and trace the execution of JavaScript computer programs.
  • Decompose a program into subtasks and use parameter passing to exchange information between the subparts.
  • Differentiate between object-oriented, structured, and functional programming methodologies.
  • Analyze technical information, as well as listen effectively to, communicate orally with, and prepare memos, reports and documentation for a wide range of audiences.
  • Investigate and assess new sources of information and learning opportunities to stay abreast of emerging information and computing technologies.
  • Evaluate career paths related to the program of study, as well as any qualifications and/or professional certifications that may be associated with those careers.
Table of Contents

 Course Learning Outcomes

  • Code and implement a Javascript if statement to handle a branching problem (as described in a problem/case scenario)
  • Code and implement a Javascript switch statement to handle a branching problem (as described in a problem/case scenario).
  • Code and implement a While loop construct in Javascript for a given problem
  • Code and implement a For loop construct in Javascript for a given problem
  • Construct table joins using the 1989 standard.
  • Prepare a technical report or presentation on some advanced aspect of web development.
  • Research and identify career paths related to the web development program.
Table of Contents