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CSIS 213 Discrete Structures

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the discrete structures used in Computer Science with an emphasis on their applications. Topics covered include: Functions, Relations and Sets; Basic Logic; Proof Techniques; Basics of Counting; Graphs and Trees; and Discrete Probability.

By successfully completing this course you will earn 3 units of college credit.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

  • Examine how formal tools of symbolic logic are used to model real-life situations, including those arising in computing contexts such as program correctness, database queries, and algorithms.
  • Relate the ideas of mathematical induction to recursion and recursively defined structures.
  • Analyze a problem to create relevant recurrence equations.
  • Demonstrate different traversal methods for trees and graphs.
  • Apply the binomial theorem to independent events and Bayes’ theorem to dependent events.
Table of Contents

 Course Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Digital Logic Circuits, Combinational Circuit, Boolean Expressions, Gates, Binary Addition and Subtraction,Hexadecimal Notation)
  • Demonstrate the proper application of Implication, Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive, Negation, Contradiction, Direct, Counter example, andContradiction proof techniques.
  • Create functions that illustrate the proper usage of Arrow Diagrams, Boolean Functions, Surjections, Injections, Inverse, and Composition
Table of Contents