JavaScript Complexities

CIS Classes Currently GE D2 Approved:

  • CSIS 111B Fundamentals of Computer Programming
  • CSIS 113A C++ Programming - Level 1
  • CSIS 113B Java Programming - Level 1
  • CSIS 113C C# Programming - Level 1
  • CSIS 114A SQL Programming - Level 1
  • CSIS 115B XML Design - Level 1
  • CSIS 116E Python Programming - Level 1
  • CSIS 123A C++ Programming - Level 2
  • CSIS 123B Java Programming - Level 2
  • CSIS 124A SQL Programming - Level 2
  • CSIS 134A SQL Programming - Level 3
  • CSIS 151 Using the OS Command Line Interface
  • CSIS 153 Using UNIX
  • CSIS 201 System Analysis and Design
  • CSIS 223A Linux System Administration

Programming Languages Promote Critical Thinking

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JavaScript vs Python: Which programming language is the most complex?
02/04/2016 By Oliver Muhr

Microsoft Certified Systems Developer Windwos Store Apps Certification Requirements

MSJC CIS Department Chair Support

Glenn Stevenson, CIS Dept. Chair MVC

Hi Bill,

I have long believed that the programming courses should meet the requirements for D2. JavaScript is certainly a programming language so it should meet the D2 requirement.


Glenn Stevenson Ph. D.
Co-Department Chair
Mt. San Jacinto College

Bil Bergin, CIS Dept. Chair SJC

Greetings Bill,

As a dept we've long held that any and all of our programming language classes should satisfy the D2 requirement, esp since a LOGIC class would similarly satisfy that requirement.

You've got my assent,