CSIS 111B: Fundamentals of Computer Programming: Lessons

Lesson 0


Course Introduction and Setup

During the first week of this course you need to complete the following steps:

 NOTE: For best results complete the steps in the order listed.

  1. Read: the Start Here page to learn about some of the basic features of how this course works (you'll find a link to it in the Course menu).
  2. Read: the Syllabus so you will know what assignments are due and when (you'll find a link to it in the Course menu).
  3. Purchase: The textbook for this class (except CSIS 111B - no textbook required for that class). You can get the title and ISBN info from the Syllabus (you'll find a link to it on the Canvas home page for your class).
  4. Determine How You Will Access Visual Studio: Visual Studio is the integrated development environment (IDE) used in this course for writing and tesing application code that we will encounter in both our Lessons and Assignments. How you get access to Visual Studio depends on many factors depending on what types of access you have to a personal computer. To explore the options available to you so that you can decide which one will work best for you, please read the read the Visual Studio: How to Get It tutorial for more details.