CSIS 105A: Application Development Fundamentals



Image of a programmer sitting in front of a computer screen

The lessons you will learn in the Application Development Fundamentals course are designed to provide scholars with a survey of the modern-day application development world. To build any type of software application you will need to become familiar with a programming language. In this course you will learn basic C# coding syntax as well as a little bit about the .NET framework, but all of the concepts you learn can and will apply to any other programming language. As you may already know, software applications can be built using many different programming languages like C#, C++, Java, Python, and the popular trio of HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

The MSJC Computer Information Systems (CIS) department offers courses which can lead to an A.S. degree in all of these languages, so you have many valuable options to choose from to further your knowledge of software application development once you have completed this course.

You are encouraged to review the many A.S. degree pathways offered by the CIS department. You will find details about all of our classes, Career Pathways, and A.S. Degree programs on our home page at http://cis.msjc.edu.