Mt. San Jacinto College Computer Information Systems
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CSIS 202 - Computer Networks

Bill Bennett Instructor: Bill Bennett, MSIDT, MCSE, CCNA, CIW
Office: Rm 960 (Bus. & Technology bldg.) Hours
Office Phone: 951.639.5530
Assistant's Phone (Kaye): 951.639.5523
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Course Description:

This course introduces students to fundamental data communication concepts including voice and data communications, networking hardware, the OSI model, and network design. Network management and security issues are also covered. This course is designed for the student who is interested in learning about data communications and networking as well as the career options that are available in this field.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

  • Define computer networking, and discuss the advantages of using a network.
  • Categorize the primary types of network cabling, differentiate between baseband and broadband transmissions, and identify appropriate uses for each.
  • Define the term ‘packet', and describe the contents and functions of each packet component: header, data, and trailer.
  • Describe the primary function of each layer of the OSI reference model, identify the OSI layer at which a particular network activity takes place, and identify the OSI layer at which a particular network component functions.
  • Design a successful network.
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate media and hardware with which to construct a successful network.
  • Assess a given network design for security considerations.

Reading Assignments


All students are expected to create AT LEAST ONE THREAD for each chapter discussion. "Click on "Discussion Board" in the main menu then click on the title of the chapter for which you want to add a thread. Then click on the "Add Thread" button and type away. You can always modify your own thread after it's posted. You will be expected to convince me that you have read the chapter for which you are adding the thread about. You "convince" me by being very verbose about what you learned from reading the chapter. You will only receive credit for one thread per chapter, but you can receive extra credit by answering questions about the subject matter that other students may post. These exercises are designed to help you become articulate in your ability to commuicate both questions and answers about information technology concepts.


Student assessments will include the following:

  • 2 quizzes worth 250 points each.
  • 12 discussion threads worth 250 points each.
  • Total possible points will be 6000.

Grades: A > 5500,   B > 5000,   C > 4500,   D > 4000