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CSIS 101 - Introduction to Computers & Data Processing

Bill Bennett Instructor: Bill Bennett, MSIDT, MCSE, CCNA, CIW
Office: Rm 960 (Bus. & Technology bldg.) Hours
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Course Description

This course provides a general introduction to computer systems with an emphasis on understanding the application of information technologies in an organizational setting. The student is introduced to the components of an information system (hardware, software, data and people), and the techniques for implementing these systems (program design and system analysis and design), and the technologies for disseminating these systems (network and internet). Students will learn to use computing applications as a tool to improve personal productivity, with an emphasis on spreadsheet applications. This course is designed for students who are interested in how information technologies improve organizational effectiveness as well as how these technologies can improve personal productivity.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

  1. Describe and provide definitions for each of the various categories of hardware: input, process, output, and storage
  2. Compare and contrast the various categories of software
  3. Describe the program development life cycle
  4. Prepare a flowchart for simple process descriptions
  5. Describe the basic communications model
  6. Relate examples of data communications to the basic communications model
  7. Relate the systems development life cycle to real-world projects
  8. Describe the characteristics of database management systems
  9. Evaluate and choose the most appropriate software application for a given task
  10. Compose a document with a word-processor, create a spreadsheet, and set-up a database.

Course Grading

15oOnline Discussions X 25 points per discussion = 375 total possible points: In this course you are expected to participate in the online discussions for each chapter.

15 online quizzes X 25 points per quiz = 375 total possible points: Quizzes will be true/false and multiple choice question format. You will access the quizzes online at through the Blackboard system by clicking on the "Quizzes" button..

4 Projects X 100 point per project = 400 total possible points: In the assignment schedule below you have been assigned four Microsoft Office application projects to complete within the time frame of the course. The finished projects will need to be emailed to your instructor as an attachment. When you email your completed projects it is IMPORTANT!!! that you put the following text as the email subject: “CSIS 101 3109" otherwise your emails may be lost. Emal your completed projects to:

1 Final Exam = 400 total possible points: The Final exam is a comprehensive 50 question exam, consisting of both True/False and multiple choice questions.

Grading Summary

15 Online Discussions .................... 375 pts. 4 Projects ...................................... 400 pts.
15 Online Quizzes .......................... 375 pts. 1 Final Exam .................................. 400 pts.
Total possible points for this course = 1550.
Grading Scale
= A) > 1344 pts. B) > 1139 pts. C) > 929 pts. D) > 724 pts. F) < 725 pts.

Online Quizzes, Reading , and Online Discussions to complete

Chapter to read in “Discovering Computers”



Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers

Chapter 1 Discussion Thread

Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2: The Internet and the World Wide Web

Chapter 2 Discussion Thread

Chapter 2 Quiz

Chapter 3: Application Software

Chapter 3 Discussion Thread

Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4: The Components of the System Unit

Chapter 4 Discussion Thread

Chapter 4 Quiz

Chapter 5: Input

Chapter 5 Discussion Thread

Chapter 5 Quiz

Chapter 6: Output

Chapter 6 Discussion Thread

Chapter 6 Quiz

Chapter 7: Storage

Chapter 7 Discussion Thread

Chapter 7 Quiz

Chapter 8: Operating Systems and Utility Programs

Chapter 8 Discussion Thread

Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 9: Communications and Networks

Chapter 9 Discussion Thread

Chapter 9 Quiz

Chapter 10: Database Management

Chapter 10 Discussion Thread

Chapter 10 Quiz

Chapter 11: Computers and Society, Security, Privacy, & Ethics

Chapter 11 Discussion Thread

Chapter 11 Quiz

Chapter 12: Information System Development

Chapter 12 Discussion Thread

Chapter 12 Quiz

Chapter 13: Programming Languages & Program Development

Chapter 13 Discussion Thread

Chapter 13 Quiz

Chapter 14: Enterprise Computing

Chapter 14 Discussion Thread

Chapter 14 Quiz

Chapter 15: Computer Careers and Certification

Chapter 15 Discussion Thread

Chapter 15 Quiz


use “Office XP” book that came in your textbook bundle (the other thick book)

Project Name

Exercise pages in Office XP book
(Notice how page numbers work ppt=PowerPoint exercises, WD=Word exercises, etc.)

PowerPoint Tutorial 1

PPT 1.04 – PPT 1.33

Word Tutorial 1

WD 1.05 – WD 1.34

Excel Tutorial 1

EX 1.06 – EX 1.36

Access Tutorial 1

AC 1.07 – AC 1.23

Instructor's Note to Students:

All Quizzes, Discussion Threads, and the Final are active and ready to be completed right here online at . The Chapter Quizzes and the Final are timed and you only have ONE opportunity to take and complete any quiz or the final. So be sure you're ready before clicking to start a quiz or the final. Chapter Quizzes are found by clicking on “Quizzes”. Discussion Threads can be found by clicking on “Discussion Boards”

One of the Discussion Threads is titled “Help”. This is where you should post any questions you have about what your supposed to do or if your having any particular problems – especially with the quizzes. Many times user lose their Internet connection while taking a quiz. When that happens, post the problem in Help and email me immediately, I will need to reset the test so that you can retake it (yes, you will lose any previously answered questions for that particular chapter quiz). I do give extra credit for students who reply to other student's help questions where applicable.

If you are relatively new to the subject of computers and would like some additional activities to help increase your ability to retain all of the information you need to have a grasp of to successfully complete this course; then, I would recommend that in addition to just reading the chapters in Discovering Computers that you also complete the exercises and activities that are available on the Shelly/Cashman site at . There you will find numerous online exercises and activities for each chapter which includes the following: Computer Genius, Label the Figure, True/False, Multiple Choice , and Matching . Those are just a few, that I recommend, from many that are available at the Shelly/Cashman site.

Also you can view the PowerPoint slides for this course by clicking on "Lecture Materials" Some of the more computer knowledgeable students may be able to successfully pass the chapter quizzes by simply viewing the PowerPoint slides. I do not recommend that students who are new to computer technologies use only the PowerPoint slides as they are not as comprehensive as is the textbook that you purchased for this course.

As always if you have any questions please email me: and be sure to add subject: CSIS 101 3109.