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MUL 218 - Creating & Managing Dynamic Websites


Course Description

This course is designed to teach students how to use web authoring tools to build and manage dynamic web sites. Students will learn to incorporate Templates, JavaScript, Databases, and Active Server Pages (ASP) into their web pages using popular and powerful web design tools that are being used by industry professionals.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:

  1. Compose dynamic client-side scripts utilizing a coding library.
  2. Prepare database connections using the Application panel.
  3. Design templates to automate and expedite Web site production.
  4. Construct Cascading Style Sheets using the Design panel.
  5. Organize and manage Web site resources using the Files panel.

Reading Assignments, Tutorials, and Assessments to complete

Chapter to read in “The Missing Manual ”



Chapter 6: Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial

Quiz 1

Chapter 7: Page Layout 101

Tables Tutorial

Quiz 2

Chapter 8: Page Layout 2004

CSS Layout Tutorial

Quiz 3

Chapter 11: Forms

Forms Tutorial

Quiz 4

Chapter 12: Dreamweaver Behaviors

Quiz 5

Chapter 17: Snippets and Libraries

Library Tutorial

Quiz 6

Chapter 18: Templates

Templates Tutorial

Quiz 7

Chapter 21: Getting Started With Dynamic Websites


Quiz 8

Chapter 22: Adding Dynamic Data to Your Pages

Displaying Database Information

Quiz 9

Chapter 23: Web Pages that Manipulate Database Records

Inserting and Updating Data

Quiz 10

Chapter 24: Advanced Dynamic Site Features


Quiz 11

All Tutorials, Quizzes, and the Final are to be completed and submitted by 11:55 P.M. of the final day of this class.



Course Grading

11 Quizzes.....................................1100 pts. 1 Final .......................................500 pts.
9 Tutorials......................................900 pts.  
Total possible points for this course = 2500 pts.
Grading Scale
= A) > 2209 pts. B) > 1919 pts. C) > 1619 pts. D) > 1339 pts. F) < 1050 pts.

Instructor's Notes to Students:

The Chapter Quizzes and the Final are timed and you only have ONE opportunity to take and complete any quiz or the final. So be sure you're ready before clicking to start a quiz or the final. Chapter Quizzes are found by clicking on Quizzes. Online lectures will be posted for each of the tutorials that you will be completeing from the book, you can view them by clicking on Lectures.

When you have completed an assigned tutorial please post your file to the "Digital Dropbox" by clicking on the "Send File" button. There is a "Discussion Board" thread titled Help. This is where you should post any questions you have about what you're supposed to do or if you're having any particular problems especially with the quizzes. Many times users lose their Internet connection while taking a quiz. When that happens, post the problem in Help and email me immediately, I will need to reset the test so that you can retake it (yes, you will lose any previously answered questions for that particular chapter quiz). I do give extra credit for students who reply to other student's help questions where applicable.

If you have limited experience using the Macromedia DreamWeaver application then I would highly recommend that you do some cramming by reading the first five chapters of your book before you begin tackling the turorials in this course.

As always if you have any questions please email me: and be sure to add subject: mul218 so that you won't get lost amongst my spam mail..