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CSIS 101 - Section 4749 - Fall 2005
Introduction to Computers and Data Processing

Instructor: Bill Bennett, MCSE, MCP, CCNA, CIW
Office: Room 655 (in Multimedia building) Office Phone: 672-6752 ext. 2705
Class Dates: August 15, 2005 December 17, 2005.
Text: Technology In Action ISBN 0-13-148904-6

Course Description
This course provides a general introduction to computer systems with an emphasis on understanding the application of information technologies in an organizational setting. The student is introduced to the components of an information system (hardware, software, data and people), and the techniques for implementing these systems (program design and system analysis and design), and the technologies for disseminating these systems (network and internet). Students will learn to use computing applications as a tool to improve personal productivity, with an emphasis on spreadsheet applications. This course is designed for students who are interested in how information technologies improve organizational effectiveness as well as how these technologies can improve personal productivity.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:
  1. Describe and provide definitions for each of the various categories of hardware: input, process, output, and storage
  2. Compare and contrast the various categories of software
  3. Describe the program development life cycle
  4. Prepare a flowchart for simple process descriptions
  5. Describe the basic communications model
  6. Relate examples of data communications to the basic communications model
  7. Relate the systems development life cycle to real-world projects
  8. Describe the characteristics of database management systems
  9. Evaluate and choose the most appropriate software application for a given task
  10. Compose a document with a word-processor, create a spreadsheet, and set-up a database.
These assignments are located at the "Train & Assess IT" website:

Help Technician Simulations Module (calls)

Application Module (Prescriptive Tests)

TIA Test Module

Chapter 1 (1)

GO! - Access 2003 - Brief - Chapter 01

TIA Chapter 1 Test (46)

Chapter 2 (2)

GO! - Access 2003 - Brief - Chapter 02

TIA Chapter 2 Test (69)

Chapter 3 (3)

GO! - Access 2003 - Brief - Chapter 03

TIA Chapter 3 Test (71)

Chapter 4 (2)

GO! - Excel 2003 - Brief - Chapter 01

TIA Chapter 4 Test (65)

Chapter 5 (4)

GO! - Excel 2003 - Brief - Chapter 02

TIA Chapter 5 Test (68)

Chapter 6 (2)

GO! - Excel 2003 - Brief - Chapter 03

TIA Chapter 6 Test (71)

Chapter 7 (3)

GO! - PowerPoint 2003 - Brief - Chapter 01

TIA Chapter 7 Test (76)

Chapter 8 (2)

GO! - PowerPoint 2003 - Brief - Chapter 02

TIA Chapter 8 Test (74)

Chapter 9 (2)

GO! - PowerPoint 2003 - Brief - Chapter 03

TIA Chapter 9 Test (72)

Chapter 10 (2)

GO! - Word 2003 - Brief - Chapter 01

TIA Chapter 10 Test (75)

Chapter 11 (3)

GO! - Word 2003 - Brief - Chapter 02

TIA Chapter 11 Test (79)

Chapter 12 (3)

GO! - Word 2003 - Brief - Chapter 03

TIA Chapter 12 Test (81)

Chapter 13 (2)

GO! - Word 2003 - Brief - Chapter 04

TIA Chapter 13 Test (73)

Course Grading
For each chapter of your book you must complete: The "Help Desk Technician Simulations" assigned for the chapter , the "Technology In Action (TIA)" Chapter Test, and complete the all 13 MS Office "Application Module" prescriptive tests. That's it, there is NO FINAL EXAM!
Grading Summary
13 Textbook Chapter Tests ........... 920 pts. 13 Application Prescriptive Tests.... 910 pts.
13 Help Technician Simulations.......930 pts.  
Total possible points for this course = 2760. Grading Scale = A) > 2483 pts. B) > 2207 pts. C) > 1931 pts. D) > 1655 pts. F) < 1380 pts.
As you can see you by the "assignments" portion of the syllabus, you are expected to complete: 13 chapters "Help Desk Technician Simulations", 13 online "Technology In Action (TIA)" Chapter Tests, and complete the 13 MS Office "Application Modules" prescriptive tests. All of the assessments and simulations need to be completed by midnight on December 17, 2005.

The online tests can be accessed through the book publisher's "Train & Assess IT " website at: After you install the Train & Assess IT CD on your computer go to the Train & Assess IT website. If this is the first time you have been to the Prentice Hall website then you will need to click on "New User" and follow the on-screen steps to complete the intial enrollment process. To add this course you'll need this Course Section ID : v5mt96rs and the "Access Code" from your Prentice Hall "Train & Assess Generation IT" cd booklet that came with your book.

If you are relatively new to the subject of computers and would like some additional activities to help increase your ability to retain all of the information you need to have a grasp of to successfully complete this course; then, I would recommend that in addition to just reading the chapters in Technology In Action that you also complete the exercises and activities that are available on the Prentice/Hall web site for this book at There you will find numerous online exercises and activities for each chapter.

As always if you have any questions please email me: and be sure to add subject: CSIS101.