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CSIS 115A: Assignments: Tutorials

Tutorial 1.2a

Getting Started on Your First Tutorial

Open your CSIS 115A textbook to page HTML 1 and start reading. When you get to page HTML 8 you will begin the hands-on portion of the tutorial by editing your first Web page. As long as you have your CSIS 115A Web site open in Visual Studio (or other IDE of choice), you will find the files needed to complete the step-by-step instructions for Tutorial 1 located in the html01/tutorial folder in the VS Solution Explorer.

In the tan box on page HTML 8 you will be asked to open your editor (Visual Studio or other IDE) and then to open the ct_start.html file. Again, before continuing, make sure your IDE of choice is open and your CSIS 115a Web site is open in it. If you need help opening your CSIS115A site please review the How to Open a Web site tutorial.

To open the ct_start.html file from the VS Solution Explorer, expand open the html01 folder by clicking on the right-facing triangle in from of it, then expand the tutorial folder by clicking the right-facing arrow in front of it. You should now see all of the files in the html01/tutorial folder including the ct_start.html file. Double-click on the ct_start.html file to open it in the VS Document window.

 If the ct_start.html document does not open in Source view use the View buttons Visual Studio Source button. located at the very bottom of the Document window to change your view of the document to Source.

Follow the steps in the tan box on page HTML 8. Continue by reading the text in your textbook, then follow the instructions indicated on page HTML 12-13, after that read the next section of text until you reach the next tan box, follow the instructions, etc., etc. Follow this routine of reading your textbook and editing your HTML file throughout the rest of Tutorial 1. When you reach the end of Tutorial 1 you should have a Web page that looks like image in figure 1.

Thumbnail image of tutorial 1 completed.
Figure 1: This is what your page should look like when you have completed the all the steps in Tutorial 1.

You can preview the Web page you are editing in Visual Studio at any time by holding down the Ctrl & Shift keys while pressing the letter "W" on your keyboard or by right-clicking on the file you want to preview in Solution Explorer and choosing View in Browser (browser name). Your default Web browser will open and display your Web page in its current state. Remember, DO NOT publish your Tutorial 1 files to the Student Web server. You won't need to publish any files until you complete your first Review Assignment. You want to complete this tutorial so that you will be prepared to complete the Review Assignment for Tutorial 1 (RA1) see Syllabus for when the RA1 assignment must be published and it's URL posted to Canvas by.

If you have any problems understanding or completing the steps listed above please email me immediately and briefly explain what problems you are experiencing. Be sure to follow the CIS email policy and put CSIS 115A and your section number in the subject of your email.