Mt. San Jacinto College Computer Information Systems
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CSIS 111B: Assignments


  1. Create a new C# Console Solution/Project named Final.
  2. Write a program which uses two custom methods:
    1. Custom method 1 should take user input and save it to a text file.
    2. Custom method 2 should open the text file containing the user's input data and display it to the screen.
    3. Your program should not crash if the user is not allowed to save files in the directory.
    4. Your program should not crash if it is not able to open the user file.
    5. Be sure to run your program to verify that it executes without error(s). If there are errors, you better fix them if you want full credit for the assignment.
  3. Save changes to the Program.cs file and close Visual Studio.
  4. Locate the Final solution folder in your Documents folder. Zip the entire solution folder.
  5. In Canvas ( click on the Assignments link in the course menu.
  6. On the Assignments page under the heading Upcoming Assignments, locate the Final link and click on it.
  7. On the Final page, click on the Submit Assignment button.
  8. On the File Upload tab that appears at the bottom of the screen, click on the Choose File button.
  9. In the Open dialog box that appears, locate and select your zipped Final folder.
  10. Click the Open button at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Check to verify the correct file name is displaying to the right of the Choose File button, if it is correct, click on the big red Submit Assignment button.
  12. The Submission confirmation screen should display your submission date and time, submission details link, and file name link for downloading the file you submitted.

That's it you have completed the assignment submission process.