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Using FTP to Publish

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In order for you to receive credit for the assignments you complete in this class you need to upload your files to the Student Web server so that your instructor can review them and give you credit for your hard work. If you want to complete your class assignments on a MAC computer and are using a code editor that does not have a built-in FTP publisher, you can use the built-in FTP publisher on your MAC to copy your local files to the Student Web server for grading.

Note: Student folders on the Student Web server will not be available until Thursday during the first week of class.


Recent updates made to Apple computers seems to have broken the ability of the built-in FTP program to function properly on the Student Web server. You can try the built-in FTP program on your Mac computer to publish, but if you encounter problems uploading your files then you should download and use Filezilla instead to upload your completed assignment files to the Student Web server.

Opening a FTP Client on the Mac

Image displaying the Connect button in the Mac Classic FTP program.
Figure 1:

To upload your Review Assignment folder using a Mac computer you will first need to connect to the Student Web server using FTP. To do this click on the Go menu and then click on the Connect to Server... option.

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Filling In the Server Address

The New Site dialog box.
Figure 2: The FTP Login dialog box.

In the dialog box that appears type ftp://IA.MSJC.EDU and then click on the Connect button.

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Filling In the Login Dialog Box

Image showing how to upload files to FTP/Web server using Classic FTP.

In the next dialog box that appears choose the Registered User option for Connect as. Type you first initial + your last name for the Name and type your first initial + your last name + your last 3-digits of your student ID as the password. It would also be a good idea to check the Remember this password in my keychain checkbox to make it easier to login in to the Student Web server the next time.

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How to Submit Your Assignment URL for Scoring

In order to receive credit for assignments you have published to the Student Web server, you need to submit the Web address (a.k.a. URL) of your assignment using the Submit an Assignment URL link on the course home page in Canvas.

Once you understand how URLs work, submitting your assignment URL for grading should be simple. Each time you have completed an assignment and published it to the Student Web server using your IDE do the following:

  1. Click on the Submit an Assignment URL link in your Canvas course menu.
  2. On the Submit an Assignment URL page, locate the link for the assignment URL you want to submit and click or tap it.
  3. Click or tap the Submit Assignment button on the screen that appears.
  4. Then type or paste the URL for your assignment in the Website URL textbox provided.
  5. Click or tap the Submit Assignment button - and you're done!

TIP: Before posting your URL for scoring you should ALWAYS TEST YOUR URL to see if it works in your Web browser first. Just open your Web browser and type in the URL as described in this tutorial, if it works, then just copy and paste the URL you typed in your Web browser into the Website URL textbox in Canvas. If it doesn't work in your Web browser, it won't work in your instructor's Web browser either - in that case email your instructor for help and be sure to ALWAYS type your Course number and Section number into the subject field of ALL emails you send to your instructor.

That's it! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and then, when your ready, move on to the next tutorial.

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