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Internet Authoring (IA)


Internet Authoring Program

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View the Internet Authoring Roadmap below for a list of all required and elective courses you need to complete in order to earn either of the Internet Authoring certificates.

Systems Analysts, Software Developers, & Web Developers Ranked Top 3 in Tech Jobs

U.S. News and World Report ranked Software Developers as their #1 technology job for 2018 citing a median salary of $100,080 per year. Their rankings are based in part on a U.S. Labor Department report touting Software Developers as one of the fastest growing jobs of the decade. One other perk, a large portion of these jobs will be located in the Golden State.

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Welcome to the Internet Authoring Program

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Internet Authoring (IA) is a cutting-edge career for the 21st century and there is a considerable amount of industry demand for skilled workers. As a Web/mobile/desktop application developer you will experience an exciting and rewarding career that is beyond compare. IA combines creative inspiration with technical know-how giving scholars the opportunity to develop high-paying skills and the ability to excel in a plethora of exhilarating work environments.

A Web/Mobile/Desktop application developer needs to have a wealth of knowledge and skills to be successful in today's very competitive job market. MSJC's IA program is designed for student success. The IA program is one of the school's most technical as well as challenging programs, but it keeps students engaged and on track by utilizing empirically tested learning and instructional strategies combined with cutting-edge technologies. The program creates real world scenarios and real world challenges for scholars to accomplish and learn from. The IA program is organized into sequential layers beginning with courses that build foundational skills and ending with courses which give scholars the expertise they need to tackle today's sophisticated Web/mobile/desktop development environments.

Table of Contents

About the Internet Authoring Program

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MSJC's Internet Authoring program is organized into 5 layers.

  1. The Foundation Layer
  2. The Presentation Layer
  3. The Interactive Layer
  4. The Business Logic Layer
  5. The Database Layer

These five layers are the same five layers used by the Internet community to define each of the functions of a modern-day professional Web site. By learning the skills at each of the five layers you will be prepared to tackle any Internet Authoring job you encounter.

Internet Authoring Program Learning Outcomes

Program Length

Scholar's will be able to achieve industry recognition almost immediately by achieving an Apprentice Employment Concentration certificate from MSJC after completing only 9 units of coursework (3 required courses, one from each of the first three IA Roadmap levels). Scholar's can then build upon that achievement by adding a Journeyman's certificate from the state of California demonstrating your mastery of the Internet Authoring world with completion of an additional 9 units of coursework (2 required courses + 1 elective course). From there you are just one step away from earning your Associate's degree in Internet Authoring. Let MSJC's Internet Authoring program help you master the skills needed to develop rich interactive solutions for desktops, mobile devices, and the World Wide Web.

Table of Contents

Internet Authoring Degree and Certificates

How to Earn an A.S. Degree, a State Certificate, or Employment Concentration

After completing courses in the first three layers, scholars will receive an employment concentration certificate from MSJC. By completing the course at all five layers + one elective course, scholars will earn a California State Certificate. By completing course at all five layers + one elective course and the courses required by MSJC for the general education requirements, the scholar will receive an Associate's degree in Internet Authoring from MSJC.

How to Request Your Certificate Once Your Coursework is Completed

Once you have completed the courses required for a State Certificate or Employment Concentration Certificate, click on the appropriate link below, fill out the form and submit the completed application to the CTE, Special Programs Office: San Jacinto Campus, 1499 N State Street, Office 1255 D or via email:; or by Fax: 951-654-9366

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Download Your Certificate Request

Use the links below to download and print your certificate request(s) once you have completed the required coursework:

Table of Contents

Microsoft MTA Certification

By completing the CSIS 103 Introduction to the Internet course, combined with the CSIS 115a Web Development - Level 1 and the CSIS 105a Developing Mobile & Web Apps courses will prepare you to complete the Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals exam which will earn you an industry certificate from Microsoft. The Microsoft certificates are extremely valuable when applying for work in the fields of Web Development or Information Technology.

Table of Contents

The Internet Authoring Program Roadmap

Level 1 Employment Concentration (Apprentice Certificate)

In order to receive an employment concentration certificate in Internet Authoring you must complete a required courses from each of the Apprentice layers of the Internet Authoring program totaling 9 units of coursework.

Level 2 State Certificate (Journeyman Certificate)

In order to receive a state certificate in Internet Authoring you must have completed the required courses for the Apprentice employment concentration (9 units) + a required course from each of the Journeyman layers (6 units) + 1 elective course (3 units) totaling 18 units of coursework.

Level 3 A.S. Degree

In order to receive an A.S. degree in Internet Authoring you must have completed: all course requirements for the Journeyman certificate, plus all course requirements which make up one of MSJC's general education options for an A.S. degree (Option A - Local Non-transfer, Option B - Transfer Emphasis, or Option C - Transfer Emphasis). See the MSJC Course Catalog for more information about general education course requirements for earning an A.S. degree and/or talk to a MSJC counselor.

Click on a layer name in the table below for more information about the courses, technologies, and certifications you'll be learning about as you proceed through the Internet Authoring program.

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Internet Authoring program's course and technology structure.
Table of Contents Foundation layer link. View Foundation deatils. Interactivity layer link. Business Logic layer link. Database layer link. State Certificate link. Employment Concentration link.