Mt. San Jacinto College Computer Information Systems
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CSIS 116B: Developing ASP.NET Web Applications

Midterm Assignment


Your Website application must meet the following criteria:
  1. Load without error in any standard Web browser (5 points).
  2. Be based on the Web Forms project template (5 points).
  3. Include a different value for <title> on every page and not include any of the template text (5 points).
  4. Include a functional sitemap (5 points).
  5. Include ASP.NET server controls on the Contact page with inputs for Full name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, phone number, a multi-line input for comments, and a Submit button (5 points).
  6. All form inputs must survive a postback; i.e. any data typed in form should still display after user clicks Submit button (5 points).
  7. Change the Application Name text to something meaningful; e.g. ABC Company, My Company, etc. (5 points).
  8. Include the same navigational structure on all three pages, home, about, and contact (5 points).
  9. Navigational structure should be bound to the application's sitemap (5 points.)
  10. URL to Website application posted on-time (5 points).