Course Technology Cengage Learning New Perspectives on HTML and XHTML
Tutorial 1

HTML Character Codes

This page demonstrates how to use HTML character codes to display an extended list of character symbols in your Web page. Character symbols not found on your keyboard can be entered into your Web page using the either:


where code is the code number for the character, or


where char is the name assigned to the character. To view enter a character symbol, enter the HTML code for the character code number or name into the input box below and click the Show button. To display a table of character symbols, select the table type from the drop-down list below and click the Show Table button. The table contains a representation of the character as it appears on your browser. The character name and the character code number appear below the symbol.

Note that not all browsers support the complete set of character code names and/or code numbers.

Enter a character code or character name:
Select a table of characters from the list box: